Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last class for 2011

Well it's been a busy time for finishing projects that were started during the year. The classes are a little quieter with some of the ladies doing Grandma duties and celebrating early Christmas with their families. We went out to lunch last Thursday after our last class of the year. Lunch was nice, but it was so noisy that we could hardly hear each other talk. Sorry no photos.....too busy listening and eating.

This is Pat's latest project.....

Patsy's Xmas blocks, soon to be a finished queen size quilt

 I hope everyone has a great Christmas, happy holidays and safe travels.....

See you in 2012


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Decitated students

I do have a very dedicated student.........

this is Wendy...who goes all out to get the job done.....Wendy was having a little trouble seeing where she was ditching on her not to be discouraged and keep on keeping on.....I lent her my LED  light that I bought as an extra to put on the longarm.....

Blue Sunflowers

Well, here is the new quilt top...I am really happy with's called Blue will have to be quilted next I have started to clean out my Studio....oh boy what a job......

Next Thursday is our last class for the we are going out to lunch for our Xmas breakup....looking forward to that....until then....happy stitching...


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Party at Kims

Last night at the shop Kim hosted a Christmas party with Tracey Sims giving a Trunk Show, to show the projects from her new released book and DVD. The shop was full with about 50 + ladies there, all enjoying Tracey's talk.  

 I took a few photos of the girls from the Thursday group..........

Pat, Sandra and Margret

Helen and Susan

Lynne D and daughter Katie



Pat and Julie


Margaret W chatting with Kim


 Check out Kim's blog to see more photos from the night..........

Happy stitching 

Getting projects finished

Another busy class last week, the girls are getting their projects finished before our Christmas break..........

Pat has made a great scrappy Xmas quilt

Patsy has the binding on her quilt with a little peeper

Julie modelling her happy hour apron

Linda is getting her sampler quilt top together, it is so pretty all in pinks

Only a couple of class until the end of the year, looking forward to 2012

Happy stitching