Sunday, March 25, 2012

3 boxes posted and new projects

 The ladies have been so busy with completing projects and starting new quilts........the classes have been very busy...although I don;t have many photos.......

Angela working on her Block of the month.....

Susan working on her tablecloth

Wendy starting a new quilt up her new grandchild

After our sewing afternoon making Laundry bag for Aussie Hero quilts posted off 15 of the bags.....unfortunately we had runner.........when I wash one of the bags the colour just seeped....even after three it going to the kindy as a library bag.......

I hope the soldiers like their bags I also popped some minties....bon bons and milk shake lollies in each bag.......

There was one spare bag which I am going to post down to Jan-Maree, and it can be sent in with her boxes........

Happy stitching until next time  - - - - - - - - - -


Friday, March 9, 2012


I'm having a little trouble showing your comments.......when my technical adviser is available I will hopefully have the problem the way nice to hear from you lovely people in blogland.......

 I have to say also a big thank you to Lynne D for buying and donating 22m of cord for the laundry bags.

Hope everyone has a great weekend


Modern, Japanese, family trees....and laundry bags

The last two Thursday has seen the ladies working hard on their projects......

Esme sewing her Modern quilt together

Donna working on her Japanese quilt
Julie making a family tree quilt each leaf has a name on it

Patsy's finished table runner..looks great..

pillow cases to go with the quilt Patsy made last year

hummmm....not sure what to write for this photo

Lynne has finished the charity raffle quilt. The quilt is for 2nd prize for the Bear and Doll show in June or July in Buderim

These are Esme's blocks laid out ready to sew together

Lynne's applique quilt top is coming together

Angels working on her applique

Last Thursday after class Lynne, Julie, Angela, Esma and myself stayed behind and made some laundry bags. The fabric was donated from everyone. We made a great production line and had 7 bags made in 2 hrs......

fabric from Lynne

fabric from Pat

fabric from Julie

most of the bags we made are on the stand behind us
We all made and finished some more bags at home and altogether we made 19 bags and 2 quilts.

To find out more about the laundry bags go to ......

Thanks ladies and thanks Kim for letting us use the rooms.....

Happy stitching  - - - - - - -