Sunday, March 20, 2011

The ladies are always wanting to learn something new and exciting. One thing that a lot of new students feel unsure about is putting prints together and blending colours. I suggested making a quilt using fabric scraps, and as a group we decided that once the quilt was finished it will be donated to a local charity for them to raffle. I have asked all the girls in the class to make up blocks over the next few months, as we will need 100 x 81/2" blocks. The blocks are made up of 16 x 2 1/2"squares, of cotton fabric they have leftover from previous quilts. These block will then be added to our wall. One class each month, during our coffee break one of the girls will then add and blend the new blocks. I'm looking forward to watching this quilt top grow and also seeing the girls grow with confidence in themselves.

When we first started making these blocks we had some very bold fabrics used in the first 8 received. "Just how are they going to blend"? Well! It is amazing to watch the process. We have collected about thirty blocks so far and from the following photos you can see how it is progressing into a wonderful quilt top.

During the last couple of weeks, while I have been learning and setting up this blog we have had a couple of birthdays amongst our group. Whom ever has a birthday they have to bring along a cake. Last week we had 3 cakes for morning tea. There goes the diet again. Helen K, Barbara K, and Jackie H all celebrated their birthdays in the beginning of March.  See photo. 

Julie C has been working on a quilt for a wedding present, which she whipped up in two weeks. I don't know how is does it. The quilt was machine quilted E2E by Kaylene at Behind the Seams, beautiful work. We will have a photo of the Bride and Groom as they show off their new quilt when Julie returns from NZ. Wendy and Pat have been working on a variation of the Coleus Garden Quilt ( pattern available at Kimz). Wendy has made hers from Old Rose floral fabrics with a pink and cream striped border and is currently finishing off the binding. Pat has made hers out of Paisley fabrics. Pat's quilt is waiting to be quilted at the moment. Lynne D has been working on various projects at the moments as she is getting ready for the Sunshine Coast Doll and Bear Show. June is reminising about her trip last year to Paris and is making a quilt out of the a new French themed range.  Patsy who has just joined our group a couple of weeks ago is making a scary monster quillo for her grandson.

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