Monday, April 18, 2011

Big day on Thursday

Everyone is stockpiling their projects, so that they have plenty to do while I'm away.
Next week I will be visiting my parents for my birthday and the week after I will be a student in a 3 day workshop in Brisbane, so I will be away for a couple of our classes.

The bottom two photos are from the Machine Freemotion Beginners class.
Christine was taking photos of the classes and shop for a advertising flyer that she and Kim 
have been designing, and has given me a copy to put on the blog.

We have a little tradition with birthdays, If it is your birthday you have to bring the cake. It was my turn to bring cake last Thursday, and I forgot to take a photo, I have to get into taking photos at ever opportunity. Thanks girls for the presents.

The cake must have tasted good the girls want the recipe.

I use a Greens chocolate cake with 2 eggs and 200g of Greek yoghurt and 2 small packets off frozen mixed berries. ( I don't know what brand, but their are 4 small pkts in the box) and a half a pkt of small dark chocolate drops and a tbl of butter. Cook as directed, I don't like sweet topping that comes with the cake mix, so I just dust with icing sugar before serving. Everyone enjoyed it, it's sweet, gooey and then you get a little burst of a tart berry, delicious!


Our blocks are growing we have just under fifty, keep sewing girls we are nearly half way there!

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